Markese Daise

Founder & CEO of Stony Brook & Lennox Realty Advisors. Known in the Boston real estate market for his high acute real estate business acumen, innovative deal-making execution, & capability to deliver value-add results at a high level to his clientele. Markese is one of the top multi-family real estate investment sales Brokers in the Boston area & brings multiple years of experience in a plethora of multifaceted real estate transactions carried out with the highest level of execution. Daise has accomplished this feat, by consistently closing out many Multi-Million Dollar multi-family investment property sales throughout the years at near record-breaking price points. He leverages his robust deal exposure experience in the Boston real estate market to achieve superior monetary results for his seller/developer clientele; & negotiates exceptional deals for his buyers & investors. Versatility in the Boston real estate market is essential. Daise prides himself on being adept & well versed in all aspects of the real estate industry to handle all types of real estate transactions. Daise transitioned out of corporate America as an accountant prior to taking on the real estate world. His experience in the corporate world as an accountant working with Fortune 500 companies & some of the best brands, has helped equip him with the ability to run an extremely well-defined structured real estate business + handle both modest & sophisticated investor, buyer, seller clients at the highest level.

As a committed business owner & champion of giving back; Markese Daise serves on multiple boards that prioritize the goal of giving back to Boston area communities. Daise heavily endorses mentorship & its importance in the real estate industry. He frequently provides guidance & support to those interested in the real estate business through his experiences in the real estate industry.



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